Church Membership

Becoming a member of a church is an important step for those who desire to make a strong commitment to a local body of believers. Our church has a congregational form of government, which means that we are not run from the top down, but by the Spirit working among all of our members. If you are interested in becoming a member of our church, our four-step membership process is outlined below.

Application for Membership

An application for membership can be made at any time by clicking here.

Attend 'Starting Point' Class

There are two parts to the Starting Point class: The first part of the class is to tell you a little about us as a church and our affiliation with the EFCA. The second part of the class is to help you see how you can get connected within our church community. Click here to find the next one scheduled.

If you missed the class, here are the two parts from 2022:

Class 1:

Class 2:



Following the application you will meet with a couple members of the Elder Board to share your testimony of salvation and evidence of your agreement to abide by the church’s Constitution and By-Laws, and to affirm your commitment to serving Christ in this church.

Congregational Vote

If the Elder Board is satisfied that the qualifications for membership have been met, they shall recommend your name for membership at the next congregational business meeting.

Welcome into Membership

Please feel free to contact the church office to inquire about membership. We would love to answer your questions and pray with you about this important process of joining this local church.

Contact Pastor Ben