Join us for our first fast as a church family

As a church we are going to begin a 10-day fast beginning at noon on Friday, January 21st through noon on Sunday, January 30th.  If you prefer, you may opt for a 2-day fast beginning Friday, January 28th through Sunday, January 30th. We will be following the model from Daniel 1:12 and guidance from Joel 2:12-13.


This will be a time for us to draw near to the Lord and for Him to prepare us for what He has planned in 2022.


If not food, consider what you can abstain from for 10 days (social media, television, skipping a meal, no sweets or only vegetables and water).


The Daniel Fast includes vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and water.


This is certainly optional, so please do not feel that you must participate, particularly if not advisable by your doctor.

Questions, please contact us.